Saturday, September 4, 2010

Free Exam Notes - PSLE

Who needs free PSLE notes? Of course primary school students and their parents who are so terrified about their children not doing well. So here it is, for all the notes for PSLE and with solutions and answers to past year PSLE papers maybe next time. Do wish that this is of great help. There too has a set of DSA application personal satement up for grabs, limited to first 100 people!! SO come quick!!
. Author: Creator, Albert Li

Free PSLE Science Notes
Free PSLE English Situational Compo Notes
Free PSLE English Compo Notes
Free PSLE English Oral Notes
Free PSLE Chinese Oral Notes
Free PSLE Chinese Compo Notes

The files are all in Mirosoft 2007.


  1. Can you create the files in powerpoint too? Thanks.

  2. sorry, but why cant i open the chinese compo notes?? can you please double-check?? thanks a lot

  3. sorry, but can you please reply asap? i need these notes.

  4. Thank you! They are really meticulously done. Really appreciate your efforts! :)